Cowlitz River Spring Chinook Fishing Guide Report – 4/23/2010

Father and daughter show off their Cowlitz River Salmon and SteelheadWe fished for 3 days straight this last week on the Cowlitz river for Chinook Salmon. On Wednesday we landed three very nice springers, I personally had a chance to and land one of them. Thursday I had a father and daughter team with me, Andrea and Geo. We started our day off with a nice 12 pound Steelhead, Andrea was the lucky one this time, and 20 minutes later she lands a 9 pound Chinook. We continued fishing for a couple more hours, and finally Geo lands a mint bright springer and wouldn’t you know it, on the very next pass Andrea gets a 17 pound spring Chinook. That was a fitting end to a great father – daughter day.

Friday was a bit slower in the morning, we had missed a strike on the first pass. My group on this day were four construction guys. We worked our way down the Cowlitz river, and at the next hole we started our pass. By the time we had all five rods out in the water, the boss hooks and lands a 13 pound Salmon. We continued to fish hard for another three to four hours and found two more dandy spring Chinooks, both weighing in the upper teens. When it came time for photos though, the construction boys were a bit shy, so no pictures this time, just fish stories… sorry. Turned out to be 3 great days of spring Chinook fishing on the Cowlitz river, a good sign of lots of great springer days to come.

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