Cowlitz River Fall King Salmon Fishing Guide Report – 10/7/2010

Group of happy fall Salmon fishermenSorry for the delay in fishing reports. It has been a very busy season. Fall Chinook return was not what we had hoped for. We were able scratch up 4-6 on a slow day, 6-12 on a good day and a few big fish. The fish were in great shape this year.

We started fall season off having to release all Chinook with fins. A week or so into the season we contacted Phil Anderson at the Dept of Fish and Wildlife, to explain to him we were catching 60% Chinook with fins. Fisherman with Cowlitz River fall 2010 SalmonHe was real good about it. He said he would talk it over within the department and let us know. 48 hours later we were able to keep one Chinook with a fin and one without. We were very lucky thanks to Phil Anderson. We are starting to see a few more Silvers showing. I think after the next good rains we should see a big push of fish. We have lots of good silver fishing to come, so get your days booked soon

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