Guided Spring Salmon Fishing

Walt and Mike with Spring Chinnook SalmonWashington’s most prized Salmon, Chinook, aka Kings, are the largest species of the salmon family. Highly valued for their relative scarcity, and aggressive behavior on the hook, they are also prized for their taste and heart healthy omega3 fatty acids.

In a typical year from late March through April, Spring Chinook start to show on the Columbia River. As the Salmon begin to move up the Cowlitz and Lewis Rivers, tributaries of the Columbia River, we will be in pursuit. The Lewis is my personal preference, because of it’s smaller system size and the aggressive bite of this rivers strain of Chinook.

The Cowlitz River, a great fishery, has some of the highest returns during most years. The Cowlitz is a larger system than the Lewis and can handle more fishing pressure, offering good catches for everyone.

Our primary method of hooking these beauties is by back-trolling herring or hover-fishing with roe. Of coarse we will change-up methods depending upon conditions and other factors learned through thousands of hours spent fishing these rivers.

Join us on one of the great rivers for an exciting day of Spring Chinnok fishing.